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About Us

ALFA REAL, realitná agentúra s.r.o. 
Krížna 10
SK-811 07 Bratislava 1, Slovakia
tel.: (+421 2) 52 63 40 87
sms: (+421) 0911 532 122, 0903 244 911
ID: 36 663 760


We are the private real estate agency focused on the area of mediation of the sale, purchase and lease of different kinds of real estates. Our staff includes qualified, professional people dealing with a wide up-to-date database of real estates. We have active cooperation with central and regional headquarters in Slovakia and other real estate agencies.

In our work we try to apply the principles of quality, punctuality, complexity, seriousness, optimum prices for provided services and principles of satisfaction and juridical assurance.

Due to above mentioned qualities we are trusted by important authorities of our public life, representative offices, successful firms and enterpreneurs from Slovakia and also abroad.


We prefer bilateral trust, honesty and seriousness. In context of legal juridical norms we apply all forms of contracts and agreements according to a particular case with the aim to fix mutual rights and duties and also mutual guarantees according to the extent, difficulty and specificity of services demanded by the client.

Due to the variety of real estate activities, our services are drawn in relatively wide extent from advisory and service activities to providing of required documents verifying the ownership of the property with the special emphasis on minimization of the time-loading of the client.




+421 911 532 122

+421 2 5263 4087 
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